Are you heading on a tropical vacation?

Thinking about the idea of a spray tan vs a UV bed tan? Take a read below to learn about Vacation Tan FAQ’s

When should I book my vacation tan?

To make the most out of your spray tan before your vacation, you’ll want to book your appointment as close to your departure date as possible. We recommend the day before you leave, maximum 2 days before. Remember, we custom blend your tan based on your skin type, tone and preference, so only 1 tan is needed to achieve the color and look you are going for.  Look like you’ve just returned from vacation before you go! Or opt for a lighter, natural glow to take the “whitest person on the beach” edge off. It’s your tan, you decide! If you are nervous about taking the plunge before your vacation, it might be a great idea to book a trial tan (book this at least 2 weeks before your vacation). Trial tans aren’t necessary, but will help you with peace of mind. 


Does a Spray Tan protect my skin from burning? Can I still tan with a spray tan?

Sunless tanning does not protect your skin from UV rays. This means that you will burn, and tan, the same way you would without a spray tan. Did you know that a UV bed tan – also commonly referred to as a “base tan” is a myth? “Base Tanning” is damaging skin. When you “Base Tan”, the only protection you are offering your skin is an SPF level of approx. 2, which is negligible. Skip the beds, get a spray tan, pack your sunless tanners and keep on top of the SPF! 


Will my spray tan fade unevenly? What products and sunscreen should I use?

Whether you are going on vacation or not, the key to a great sunless tan is great skin health. Proper exfoliation, hydration and aftercare is essential to any tan, and maybe even more important before prepping for vacation, as you’ll be wearing less clothes! (hopefully you have great weather!)  The sun, sand, pools and sea can effect the longevity and fade of your spray tan. These 4 things can dry out skin and because we are tanning the top layer of your skin (these are dead skin cells waiting to slough off), it is important to exfoliate before and stay hydrated. The GREAT news is, you are typically headed to a more humid climate, which means you are getting the benefit of moisture in the air, hydrating your skin without you realizing it! You’ll also want to defend and protect your skin and tan against pre-mature fading by using our SunnaTan tan friendly hydrating products and extenders along with Coola Suncare, our tan friendly sunscreen.

If you are worried about an uneven fade, it is incredibly important that you and your airbrush artist decide on a tanning level that is appropriate for your skin type. The higher the level, the darker the tan, but also an increase in the potential for a splotchy fade. Stick to a more natural tan, use the correct products and you’ll be sporting a flawless glow during your vacation!