Our Story make it count

Established in 2011 in Calgary, Canada SunnaTan was born from a desire to provide a safe alternative to harmful UV tanning, and to prevent the permanent and irreversible damage it has on skin. To this day, the heart and soul of SunnaTan are the 100+ passionate SunnaTan airbrush artists across Canada who are deeply committed to providing natural, safe skin care solutions. While SunnaTan have grown and evolved over the years, our mission remains to maintain healthy skin, confidence and natural beauty for now and the future.


Hi everyone – my name is Larissa and I own OrganicTan Saskatoon and have since 2016. Born and raised in Saskatoon. I don’t know what to say about myself

I have a tremendous love for all things with 4 paws and fur. My dog Ellie regularly visits the studio so if you get some puppy love while you’re at your appointment that’s just an added bonus.

I love making other people feel beautiful

You are all truly my inspiration.