How to prep for your spraytan


Before your OrganicTan session, you’ll want shower and exfoliate the face and body. Preferably, this will be done the night before your appointment, but try not to shower within 6 hours of your airbrush session. If it’s absolutely necessary, try and make it a quick rinse, rather than a long, hot shower. In a hot shower, your pores open up and your skin retains moisture. This can affect your tan by making it difficult for the tanning solution to sink in, which can result in a quicker fade and less colour development.  


It is best to NOT use oil-based exfoliates or lotions the day of your OrganicTan, because they will block the tanning process, leaving a residue between your skin and the tanning solution.  We carry a fantastic exfoliating mitt in the studio, which only requires water, and is by FAR the most effective means of exfoliation for sunless tanning that I’ve ever used. These retail for $18. I also like to recommend that people exfoliate AFTER shampooing and conditioning hair, as the residue from hair products can create a barrier on the back of the body


For best results, please wax or shave 1 day before. Tinting of brows and lashes can react with the tan in a negative way, causing an orange tint to the area around hair. It is not recommended to have tinting done on the same day as your tanning session. 

What to wear

What you wear (or don’t wear) during your airbrush session, is completely up to you. Please rest assured, this is a full time career for us, there’s no need to apologize for un manicured hands or feet, stretch marks, scars, unshaven body parts, saggy boobs, pimples… get the idea! We see it all, and it doesn’t even slightly faze us. When you see as many bodies as we do, they quickly become just bodies. They’re a blank canvas for us to bronze! We’re here to make you feel great, and we take that role very seriously. If you do decide to wear underwear, a bra, or a swimsuit, just keep in mind that you will most certainly have tan lines from whatever you wear. We also suggest wearing something that you wouldn’t mind being sprayed with a bit of bronzer. While it is rare for the bronzer to stain, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Please arrive in dark, loose fitting clothing. Think baggy, drawstring type pants if you have them, and a loose fitting shirt. The less seams, the better. Jeans of any kind are a major post tan no-no. Dresses are fine, but one thing to note if you decide to leave in a dress is that you’ll be a little sticky for 2 hours post tan. In a dress, you’re more likely to feel like your legs are sticking together or your arms to your sides. Further to that; it is best to leave the Lululemons (or any form of workout gear) at home, ladies! Function over fashion is definitely important here. Workout clothing is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, which we don’t want after a spray tan. Also, we will advise you to leave your bra off after leaving your session to avoid marks from straps and underwires while your tan is developing. 


We live in a rainy region, so please plan ahead and bring along an umbrella and hooded rain coat if there may be rain. We don’t want you getting caught in a downpour when you’re leaving with your fresh tan! 


Footwear is also important. There will be fresh tan on the tops of your feet, so, ideally, you would come in flip flops to avoid rubbing the tan off the tops of your feet with tight fitting shoes. However, if it’s raining or snowing, bring the loosest pair of runners or shoes that you have. 


There is very little bronzer transfer inside your clothing, depending on how dark we decide to tan you. Even so, it is still best NOT to wear light coloured clothing to your airbrush tanning session.