During Your SprayTan Session


We will always begin with a brief colour consultation to establish your personal tan requirements. With over 20 shades to choose from, its important that we have a good idea of what your tan is for, your skin type, as well as what activities you plan on engaging in over the next week or so. All these factors play into the proper fade of an airbrush tan.

Once we’ve established what the perfect shade will be, your airbrush artist will leave the room to custom blend your SunnaTan solution.


While we’re gone, we’ll ask you to remove any makeup with the makeup wipes we provide, strip down, remove jewelry, put your hair up and put on one our hair nets to protect your hair from overspray. You’ll be asked to step onto our disposable set of foot protectors, and step into the designated area.


When your airbrush artist returns to the room, she will assess you skin for dry areas. We tone dry areas with our soothing natural toner before we begin. 

We will prep your hands, feet, elbows and knees with a natural barrier oil before we begin.


Next, you will be airbrushed with our signature SunnaTan solution, containing soothing and healing anti-oxidants such as green-tea, organic essential oils, herbs and aloe vera. Your airbrush artist will direct you through the simple poses required to achieve the most natural looking, flawless tan.  

remove oils

After the airbrushing is finished, we will carefully remove oil from your hands, and blend the hands, feet and body to ensure a seamless end result. 


Finally, you will be asked to hang out for an extra minute or so in front of our fan to allow the tan to dry. When getting dressed, you can expect your skin to feel slightly sticky. This is normal with spray tans, and subsides over the next couple hours. Please be careful while getting dressed. Try not to “drag” clothing over limbs, if possible. The tan will be the most vulnerable to smudges in the first hour afterward.