Our collection of SunnaTan Natural Skin Care is ideal for making the most of your tan!


Do NOT Shower for a minimum of 12 hours (Advanced Solution) or 4 hours (Quickie Solution) post tan. When you shower, use our recommended Body Wash and your first shower should be a gentle rinse. DO NOT use body washes and soaps with sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrance or chemicals as they will lighten your tan & remove it quicker. For best results, wait 12-24 hours to shower (Advanced Solution) and when tanned with Quickie solution, your first shower is a very quick rinse with no soaps/washes. 

Skin Hydration

Drench your skin with moisture 2X per day with our SunnaTan hydrating lotions and/or Coconut Oil. Use both together for maximum hydration & soft, dewy skin! DO NOT use lotions that contain alcohol, fragrance or have a high essential oil content. Our SunnaTan hydrating line is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, petro-chemical free and comes in recyclable packaging. Contains no artificial fragrances, no artificial colours and is never tested on animals.


A few days into your tan, you can EXTEND and bring your tan ‘back to life’ with our Colour-Me-Dark Sunless Tanning lotion and/or our Keep-Me-Golden “tan in a can” spray. Both are formulated with all natural ingredients, and completely chemical free, the delicate hint of shimmer gives an immediate glow and allows for perfect even application. Clients find their face fades quick (due to products used & cleansing more). Clients love Keep Me Golden for a quick and easy pick-me-up on the face.  

Limit skin-to-skin

During this time you will also want to limit skin-to-skin contact with yourself (crossing your arms or legs) and others (cuddling, breastfeeding, etc.) to avoid colour transfer.

Wear loose dark clothing

Continue to wear loose, dark clothing to bed. The bronzer may transfer to your bedding and clothing, however, nothing will stain. We still recommend avoiding white wherever possible.

Extra tips

MAXIMUM results can be expected when you allow your tan to develop for the full 24 hours prior to showering. The bronzer (don’t panic – you’re not losing your tan) will rinse off in your first shower. Bonus: apply our signature SunnaTan coconut oil to your whole body prior to having your first shower. This will help lock in your colour, leave your skin super hydrated, AND create a protective barrier between your skin and other products you may use in the shower.)